2 Best Foods to Boost Your Fertility During Holidays


Christmas, end of the year and Sallah holidays are great times couples can take advantage of and frolic together and bask in each other’s arms helping to boost intimacy naturally and increasing your chances of conception while in the celebration mood!


According to a new survey, most British birthdays fall in September according to their National Birth Records.


The reproductive system harmonizes with the changing seasons to help facilitate conception between couples trying for a pregnancy, or planning to start a family.


And during festive seasons like Sallah, Christmas and New Year holidays, couples and individuals living within regions with Harmatan and winter experience high rates of childbirth according to fertility and relationship experts.


Knowing this helps you to advantage of the seasons that come only once in a year, and spend quality time together with your spouse.


Towards the end of the year there is usually an abundance of food and merriment, organizations throwing parties, as well as families willing to share their nicely prepared delicacies as a way of celebrating the Christmas holidays with friends and loved ones.


For a health-conscious individual trying to conceive couple, its important you stay nutritionally-conscious of the things you eat in order NOT to mess up your entire reproductive health.


Eating poor diets and beverages laden with toxins and chemicals which can potentially affect your fertility and delay conception!


Foods to Consume During Festive Seasons:

1. High protein diet:
As much as you can limit yourself only to moderate and high protein foods like chicken, turkey and fish. By all means avoid red meat, you are preparing and building up your body for a healthy conception.


2. Vegetables and fruits:
Take a lot of vegetable, salads and fresh fruits which are laden with rich antioxidants and superbly nutritious for storing minerals that your body needs for making reproductive hormones and for immune system defense.


Foods to Avoid during other festive Seasons:

1. No Alcohol intake:
Consuming alcohol makes you to lose water (dehydration) and essential electrolytes for properly cell functioning, and introduces toxins into the system which causes hormonal imbalances.


2. Sweets and Cookies:
Cookies are made from monounsaturated polyunsaturated fats (transfat) that are unhealthy for you and have been found to cause female infertility and ovulation problems by 70 per cent!


3. Peanut butter:
You should avoid peanut butter if you are trying to conceive or prepare for conception. Based on findings, it depletes your calcium reserve which is an essential mineral for your baby’s development and bone formation.


4. Sweetened & Packed juices:
By consuming processed juices and beverages which does not have any nutritional value, you indirectly introduce reproductive toxins and chemicals into your system and lower your fertility and ability to conception.


5. Coffee:
Consuming high amounts of coffee could affect your fertility, according to findings. While trying to conceive, you may use coffee very moderately or you rather go for the de-caffeinated type. This is because excessively consuming coffee has been linked to miscarriages in women, so drink with absolute moderation, if at all necessary.

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