5 Common Vaginal Odours in Women That Can Lead to Infertility


Could having vaginal odour and discharges be normal for a sexually-active woman to experience throughout her lifetime?

Well, not all vaginal odour and discharges are normal. Some vaginal fluids usually are alert signs that something is not exactly okay down there and so will require your swift attention before something goes bad.

In Africa and other developing countries, most women may be due to their educational level or socio-economic background are mostly vulnerable to the complications of abnormal vaginal discharges with odours.

Many Women Are Suffering from these Diseases:

• Trichomoniasis
• Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)
• Bacterial Vaginosis
• Vaginal Candidiasis
• Cervicitis
• Infertility etc.

5 Common Causes of Vaginal Odours:

The female vagina being a part of the overall female reproductive organ functions as the passage for both the sperm (during copulation) and baby (during delivery) hence, should be taken good care of always.

Fortunately enough, Nature already has put in place the best defense system within the vaginal environment like, Lactobacilli (a healthy bacteria) and a suitable acidic pH of 3.5 – 4.5 friendly for the male sperm and the soon-to-arrive baby, so you need not worry yourself over what to protect your down below with, it’s already well taken care of without your contribution.

1. Yeast or bread-like discharge odour:

Just like the name, a woman experiencing bread-like odour and discharging very thick and whitish fluids has a way of impeding the male sperm or ejaculate, during intercourse. Most women with this symptom also complain of itching around the vulva. This nature of discharge is commonly caused by yeast commonly known as candida Albicans.

Although, yeast is among the vagina floras seen in the vagina canal, however when they multiply excessively due to chronic medical conditions like diabetes, poor food choices, use of birth control pills, or overuse of antibiotics abuse then imbalance is created resulting to vaginal Candidiasis.

2. Fishy discharge odour:

A woman discharging vaginal fluids with a fishy smell accompanied with low abdominal pains usually indicate a genital infection known as bacterial vaginosis, which can be contacted through sexual intercourse.

3. Metallic odour:

Having metallic odour is very normal and common in every woman. It’s mostly experienced by women at the end of their cyclical menstrual flow or after sexual intercourse, which is attributed to the male sperm changing the acidic pH of the female vagina to alkaline, hence the metallic smell.

4. Bloody odour or spotting:

Bloody smell or spotting discharge could be puzzling and quite challenging to differentiate, especially in a sexually active woman.

Usually, cyclical bleeding is a common sign of menstrual period but for a woman spotting rather than the expected flow, this could either mean a positive pregnancy outcome or ovulation. Hence, it is important you see a Doctor for a definitive diagnosis.

5. Foul-smelling discharge:

A woman with an offensive vaginal discharge followed by lower abdominal pains; pain during lovemaking and upon urinating, this most times strongly indicates bacterial infection and requires you seeing a health care giver, as soon as possible for immediate testing to prevent serious complications like Fallopian tubes blockage.

What Do You Do?

If at this point you are pondering you could unknowingly be experiencing abnormal foul-smelling vaginal discharge, here are the steps I recommend you to take today:

See a Doctor and request to do the following important tests:

• Urine microscopy, culture and sensitivity
• High vaginal swab microscopy, culture, and sensitivity
• Pelvic scan
• Total blood workup

At the Lab, your sample will be collected for analysis and then you will be given an appointment when to come get your results.

Home Therapy & Methods of Prevention:

You do not need to apply any personal care cream; perfume or powder to scent your vagina. Like I pointed out earlier, your vagina already has adequate innate defense mechanism to ward off germs.

• Wash your vulva properly with warm water ONLY. Do not use any soap to avoid altering the vagina pH.
• Always wear dry and non-moist underwear and pants. Microorganisms thrive in a moist environment you do not want to give room to them.
• Eat cranberry fruits and regularly drink plain (unsweetened) yoghurt, at least twice a week for a healthy vagina.
• Do not douche. It kills your good vagina floras which work hard to defend you from external micro-organisms.

I do hope you put these fertility health tips to work and see your vagina health improve tremendously; increasing your chances of conception.

Lastly, to totally eliminate vaginal infection and the foul smell and also restore your normal vagina immune defense (micro flora) which 10 times better than using antibiotics i recommend you use an effective natural treatment.

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