5 Ways Toxins Affect Your Fertility & What To Do


If you have long been trying to conceive or maybe just about to start your own family, then its better you understand what TOXINS are and how they can severely impact your fertility negatively, before it is too late.

What really are Toxins?

I realized Western medicine trained doctors have a lot to do to enlighten the general public on the dangerous effects of toxins on the human body. This should rather be a major health campaign – as a matter of urgency.

Toxins are a group of exogenous chemical substances found in our environment; foods, water, soil, consumables, household products, cosmetics etc. by virtue of our industrialized world.

Because the natural man has abandoned Mother Nature’s recommendation for total wellness and optimum healthful life, and rather has opted for the sophisticated life-style and fancy foods. Mankind also has indirectly answered yes, and unknowingly embraced the associated harmful effects emanating from this.

How Toxins Enter Your Body.

The integumentary system (skin) according to medical literature is the largest and also the thinnest organ in the human body, insinuating that the skin has the capacity to absorb very little substances without you even being aware of it.

1. Poor Food Choices:

Consuming beverages or food from a plastic container source has been found to be a harmful practice because plastic bottles/container are made from toxic chemical substances like Biphenol-A (BPA), Phthalates etc. such that when these bottles are subjected to heat either through sunlight or microwave oven, the chemical substances used in making and softening these plastics are then released into the food or beverage.

And these released chemicals are very poisonous and unhealthy to the human body, according enviromental Toxicologists. They are harmful; creates hormonal imbalances in the human body resulting to myriads of infertility-related issues and other medical conditions.

2. Harmful Drugs:

Drugs are nothing short of synthetically man-made chemicals. If prescription medication is consumed over a long period, their accumulation will weigh down the body as toxins and burdensome for the liver alone to detoxify and eliminate. And the fact remains that majority of over-the-counter drugs we consume are either nephrotoxic (kidney damaging) or hepatotoxic (liver damaging).

3. Water:

It’s important you mind the type of water you drink, especially when it is derived from a plastic container or borehole. This is because water from these sources have been implicated to contain toxins and heavy metals, and as such have the capacity to disrupt the normal function of your endocrine hormones which can affect your reproductive health.

4. Coffee:

It’s been found that drinking coffee has a way of reducing infertility in both women and men.
A study in Connecticut in the U.S.A, found that as little as 1 cup of coffee per day increases the risk of not conceiving by 55%. And if you take 2 – 3 cups per day, that risk rises to 100% and continues to increases with an additional cup up to 176%!

Alcohol too has also been found to be harmful to the female egg (ovaries) and men’s sperm. Such that, as little as 1 glass of it can reduce fertility up to 50 percent.

5. Your Environment:

Toxins also can unknowing be taken into the body by inhalation of insecticide products in form of aerosol, smokes from cigarette, certain perfumes, fumes, air-fresheners etc.

Other Sources Of Harmful Toxins You Should Avoid:

• Birth control pills (can come in form of pills, ring, implant or injectables)
• Cigarette smoking
• Pesticides
• Insecticides
• Herbicides
• Mercury
• Poor diet (Trans-fat, artificial sweeteners; processed foods etc.)
• Excess hormones (e.g. Hormone Replacement Therapy)
• Aerosol
• Dyes
• Food additives
• Nail Polishes
• Cosmetics/commercial skin care products
• Vinyl (a chemical used in making plastics)

Industrial Solvents:

• Finger nail polishes
• Glues
• Carpet
• Cleaning products
• Varnishes

Fertility Effects of Toxins:

Apart from the long term exposure of these toxins overloading and overbearing on your liver health and reproductive organs generally, they can also spiral into infertility problems such as:

• Hormonal imbalance (discharge of milk-like fluids from the breasts of a non-lactating woman)
• Endometriosis
• Miscarriage
• Low sperm and reduced motility in man
• Reduced libido and sexual drive in man
• Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
Uterine fibroids
• Unexplained infertility
• Breast cancer
• Luteal phase defect

How Do You Prevent and Overcome Toxins?

Although, it is practically impossible to avoid these toxins nowadays, owing to the fact that we are continually being exposed and bombarded with them on a daily basis due to our advanced society and the industrial age era.

However, there are effective steps you and your partner can take to ameliorate the harmful effects of toxins and even get rid of the already accumulated ones lurking in your systems right now.

Ways To Flush Out Toxins From Your Body:

• Do not always drink from a plastic bottle or even pure water. Carry your own water to work if possible, in a stainless steel flask and drink from ceramic or glass cup.

• Do not heat your food in microwave oven. Most plastic containers are made from vinyl polymer; doing so leaches this toxic substance in your body.

• Avoid bad fats, especially trans-fat hidden in burgers, doughnuts, biscuits, chocolates, fries etc.

• Avoid artificially-raised fishes, they are probably contaminated with mercury and pesticides. Insist on eating fresh water and organic fishes only. Most commercially-raised fishes are grown with fertilizers and pesticides, and they have been found to contain chemical substances with “Xenohormones” which can cause hormonal imbalance and infertility in women and men.

• Buy or use non-toxic personal care products. Look out for products with Parabens and Phthalates before putting down your money. Insist on using only natural feminine personal care products.

• Eat organic foods: Buy organic produce, dairy products and organic grown fruits and vegetables only. Ensure you wash them properly and thoroughly before consumption.

• And finally, Detoxify your system using Proven Herbal Supplements to get rid of long years of toxins you have been carrying in your body, tissues and cells, before actively trying to conceive or starting a family.

This is so important to your fertility and cannot be overemphasized. It will help to create a safe and toxic-free environment for your baby and lower any risk of early miscarriage due to toxins.


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