Benefits of Castor Oil Therapy in Infertility Treatment


Did you know that Castor oil therapy can be used to cure female infertility issues originating from the womb?

Castor oil is an extremely useful medicinal oil used centuries ago by the Indians, ancient Egyptians; Persia, Greece, Rome and Africa.

It is derived from Castor oil seed alternatively known as “Ricinus Communis.” It is important to know that castor oil has a beneficial fatty acid; anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties that help the body overcome infertility challenges in the uterus; Fallopian tubes, ovaries, loosen and break scar tissues; restore hormone imbalances and detoxify the overall reproductive system.

Medicinal Benefits & Uses of Castor Oil:

The medicinal benefits of castor oil therapy until recently was popularized by late psychic healer Eager Cayce and then later researched by a Primary Care Physician, William McGacey of Arizona, USA.

He was the one that discovered that Castor oil when directly applied topically (on the body) will improve the function of the thymus gland (immune system gland in the throat), and also significantly increase production of lymphocytes production in the body which helps to fight against disease-causing organisms.

How Castor Oil Therapy Can Improve Your Fertility Health:

1. Circulatory system:

The reproductive organs of the female, such as the womb, ovaries, and fallopian tubes need nutrient-rich and well-oxygenated blood reaching these organs for them to function optimally.

Castor oil therapy by rubbing the oil on the abdomen or the region with the disease will help circulate blood that will permeate these organs and ensure they receive adequate nutrients from food, without hindrance.

2. Lymphatic system:

Castor oil therapy amazingly stimulates the lymphatic system by topical application, thereby releasing lymphocytic cells from the organs where they are produced and stored for use such as: the thymus gland, the spleen, and the lymph nodes.

And these released lymphocytes in the lymphatic system will help mop up waste products; toxins and microorganisms, transporting them to the bloodstream for elimination, this process is known as the lymphatic drainage system.

3. Digestive system (the Liver):

The digestive system especially the liver is an organ whose job is to filter all the foods absorbed from the digestive tract before transferring to the tissues and body for metabolism.

The liver as an organ for temporary storage of blood and for detoxification helps to eliminate excess hormones; synthetic drugs and waste products from the blood.

And with the help of Castor oil, the lymphocytes in the liver are stimulated to help flush out the excess accumulated hormones which are responsible for creating hormone imbalances, and removing toxic agents that cause infertility.

How Exactly Do I Apply Castor Oil Therapy?

The important medicinal component of castor oil is the Ricinoleic acid. This constituent helps in boosting the lymphatic system to produce lymphocytes cells for eliminating toxins and waste products by direct application of the oil on the surface of your body, where a diseased organ is located.

Castor Oil Therapy Techniques:

1. Castor Oil Pack
2. Castor Oil Massage

The Castor Oil Therapy Pack Technique is Performed in The Following Steps:

• Soak or saturate castor oil on a soft white cotton wool material or flannel in a container.
• Place the saturated soft cotton material on your lower abdomen, below your navel or affected region.
• Then cover the saturated soft cotton material with a nylon sheet.
• Place a hot water bottle on top of the pack, and then leave it on for 30 – 45 minutes, while resting on your back.
• After the session, remove the pack; clean the area with toilet soap and water.
• Store the pack in a container with a cover and store in a refrigerator (the pack can be re-used up to 25 times).

The Contents of Castor Oil Pack: How to Make the Pack

• One bottle of “cold-pressed” Castor oil.
• A 2 or 3 one foot piece of wool, or you may cut a white singlet into two and use one part, if you can’t get a flannel.
• A plastic wrap or nylon sheet to cover the pack.
• An old towel to cover the hot water bottle.


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where in Lagos can i purchase castor oil?

Thanks for your comment, Zoba. One of the places you can purchase castor oil (cold-pressed) is at Shoprite Lagos.

Thanks for the article.
Pls is “castor oil B” (the one gotten frm the pharmacy) good for the therapy?

I ll b glad if I get the reply in my email, thanks

Hello Dr Emeh, sorry this coming rather now. It depends on the purpose you need the castor oil for. If you are treating infertility, i will recommend get a cold-pressed Castor oil. Do let me know if you need further explanation.

Thank you for this, I’m going for the pack because of the fibroids,I believe with God all things is possible. Thank you sir

You are welcome, Karimot

Please Dr, Which of the castor oil will be suitable for dissolving The cyst.

The cold-pressed castor oil

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