5 Ways To Boost Male Sperm Count & Fertility


The plague of the inability to conceive and poor sperm health problem in our modern society has become epidemic issues such that the male partner has a pivotal role to play and contributes 50/50 chances for a successful fertilization and conception.

Researches have it that men are responsible for 40% causes of infertility; so if you are a man, this should interest you.

For the male partner, the health of your spermatozoa is so vital for fertility and there are criteria that must be in place for a successful conception and fertilization to be actualized and they are:

1. Your sperm must be of the required and adequate quantity > 20 million sperm cells/mL. Anything less than the above figure is a Low Sperm Count condition.
2. Your sperm must be of the right quality; shape, size and morphology in other to lock-in with the female egg.
3. Your sperm must be motile, and active enough to swim across the harsh acidic environment of the female vagina and unite with the female egg, along the Fallopian tube.

Top 5 Ways for Boosting the Male Sperm Count and Fertility:

1. Eat Rightly:

Foods generally occupy the center position in fertility and conception and introducing the wrong foods into your diet could harm your sperm health and production.

And eating plenty of vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains and legumes will help boost your overall fertility and reproductive health.

Having said that, you should avoid the following:

• Tobacco
• Refined carbohydrates
• Coffee
• Alcohol
• Sweetened foods
• Artificial additives

2. Lifestyle Modification:

Most occurring cases of infertility common with men is usually associated with low sperm count, and so it’s advisable that every TTC male couple should first embark on knowing the status of his sperm health status and also take adequate measures in boosting sperm quantity naturally by eating rightly and staying clear off sperm-damaging habits, like:

• Exposure to radiation
• Smoking
• Tight-fitting pants/boxers
• Heavy metals
• Drug abuse
• Self-prescribed medications for example; Anti-ulcer drugs like Cimetidine; Ranitidine etc.

3. Dietary Supplements:

Today, the usual food staples in most African homes are mainly carbohydrates and protein while other essential nutrients, vitamins and mineral that the body needs to carry out its metabolic functions, boost sperm count, immune system, fight against diseases and free radicals are absolutely lacking.

For the male partner, the ideal nutrients for supporting your sperm include:

• Vitamin C: Boosts immunity and helps to protect the sperm from free radicals
• Zinc supplement: Improves the testosterone levels, sperm count and motility.
• Arginine/Amino acid: Helps to boost sperm count, poor motility and enhance sexual performance. Food sources are: nuts, chocolates, meat, poultry, fish and dairy.

4. Reproductive Toxins:

It’s almost impossible living on planet earth without being exposed to toxins. The fact is, it’s practically impossible to avoid contacts with toxins because they are everywhere we turn to; our immediate environment, food, water, cosmetics, food containers etc.

But there are also effective ways the exposure to toxins could be ameliorated.

How to Lower or Minimize Contacts with Toxins and Harmful Chemicals:

• Avoid animal products with high fat content. Most farm-raised animals are fed with hormones, antibiotics which the human body doesn’t recognize, and poses as danger to your reproductive health.
• Avoid synthetic deodorants and cosmetics. Use only organic products, they are safe.
• Avoid plastic containers for storing food, plastic bottles and wraps.
• Avoid chlorinated tap water or maybe treating your water at home with fluoridated chemicals which is a common practice nowadays.
• Avoid alcohol and caffeine
• Avoid fried or barbecue-cooked foods
• Switch to eating foods rich/high in antioxidants such as; green leafy vegetables, kale, carrots, citrus, broccoli, cauliflower etc.

5. Go Natural:

Herbal remedies are effective in overcoming a wide range of infertility conditions in both women and men and for restoring reproductive health issues among couples with infertility and reproductive health challenges.

Herbs are 100% natural, no side-effects. Though, herbal therapy may take a little while and requires some patience for the therapeutic effects and results to fully manifest.

Herbs also are highly potent than orthodox therapy for reversing infertility issues in male; boosts sperm count & improve sex drive.

The following herbs have been found to help improve erection difficulty and increase blood flow to the sexual organs:

• Panax ginseng
• Saw palmetto
• Ginkgo biloba
• Rhindiola rosea
• Tribulus goat weed
• Nutmeg
• Muira puama

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