Why Environmental Toxins Will Make You Question Everything


Environmental toxins are harmful chemicals that emanate from sources like personal care products, our environment, ultra-processed foods and household plastics by virtue of our today’s convenient lifestyle and massive industrialization.

Recent findings have it that there are 13,000 chemicals used in cosmetics alone and nobody cares to ask if they are regulated or checked before releasing them to the general public!

Ways Environmental Toxins Enter the Human Body:

Due to the nature of our environment today, it’s practically impossible to avoid toxins and their exposure, and they can be ingested, inhaled or even absorbed in the human body via the following channels:

1. Household plastics:
Household plastics are laden with chemicals such as Bisphenol-A and Phthalate and the W.H.O has cautioned against the use of these harmful chemicals.

The truth is, your usual household plastics and cellophane used in packaging foods and water exposes you to toxins, especially when heated under the sunlight or in the microwave oven; this leaches toxins in the plastics into your food or beverage which builds up in your body with time resulting to reproductive health issues, obesity or even cancer.

2. Poor food choices:
By eating processed foods and prepackaged foods sold at grocery stores and supermarkets laden with preservatives and chemicals that disrupt our endocrine system, you set yourself up for hormonal imbalance, lack of ovulation issues, sperm health issues and infertility.

3. Through the Skin:
Toxins are microscopic in nature, particularly industrial pollutant and those used in making synthetic perfumes, insecticides and herbicides. They in tandem enter the human circulation via the skin bypassing enzymatic metabolism though the liver and going straight into the circulation to disrupt hormonal activities, eg: synthetic body care products, nail polishes, lipsticks etc.

How to Flush out Environmental Toxins:

1. Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption: A study found that 1 glass of alcohol reduces fertility by a whopping 50%! Alcohol causes harm to women’s eggs and men’s sperm, and also damage the developing embryo in the womb.

2. Buy and eat only organic and natural foods to reduce your exposure to pesticides.

3. Eat naturally prepared meals and mostly raw; avoid processed and prepackaged foods from grocery stores they are laden with preservatives and dangerous to your fertility health.

4. Store your food and beverage in glass containers rather than plastics.

5. Do not heat your foods in microwave, it’s dangerous and release toxins into your food.

6. Use natural body care products already enjoying a high patronage nationwide and steer off synthetically made personal care products.

7. And finally, you need to get rid of already accumulated toxins in your body due to the poor food choices and use of synthetic products over a long period.

You certainly need to flush out these reproductive toxins by doing fertility detoxification before actively trying to conceive.

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