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- Have you been struggling to conceive, or to carry a pregnancy to full term?

- Are you confused and worried that you are no longer getting any younger?

- Are you tired of wondering when you are going to get pregnant when others are getting pregnant with ease?

- Do you feel you need to change your diet and eat healthy meals but wondering where to start and what exactly to eat?

- Have you failed a multiple IVF procedures and tried all manner of fertility treatments?


If you answered YES to any of the above questions then you need to talk to a professional in infertility with solid track record


What To Expect During A Fertility Consultation...

  • A detailed history of your past medical and reproductive health history.

  • A lifestyle assessment to help to look at your nutrition, nature of work, stress, fertility-harming toxins, drugs, alcohol, coffee, body care products, frequency of sex, exercise, smoking, weight (BMI) etc.

  • Recommendations for you on proven, top-quality and effective fertility treatments.

  • Recommendations for you on the right medical fertility tests you should do without wasting your money, and the interpretation of your results providing a detailed roadmap to for positive outcome.

  • Lessons on how you can track your fertile period, and ovulation using effective tools and reliable signs such as your temperature, cervical mucus changes, bodily feelings etc.

  • Making infertility diagnosis for you and the factors responsible for your fertility challenges and proper counseling.

  • Comprehensive materials you can use to enhance your fertility and increase your chances of getting pregnant.

  • A dedicated and client-focused follow-up system to help you conceive in the shortest time possible.

  • One-on-one and friendly communication with your fertility doctor.

  • Etc.


Consultation Platforms:

1. Online consultation: You will receive a personalized 45-minutes, web-based consultation through Skype, Whatsapp or Facebook video chat with a fertility expert.

2. Phone consultation: For a personalized 45 minutes phone call consultation you will have with a fertility expert.

3. Email consultation: You will get a personalized fertility assessment form and email correspondence with a fertility expert.


What Client’s Are Saying…


You Alleviated My Fears

Dr. Gilbert Nnaji is very professional and knowledgeable,
and alleviated my fears on fertility issues based on his
experience and success rate on fertility issues treatment.





My Cervical Mucus Has Re-appeared, After 13 Yrs!

Good day Doc, i am glad to inform you that my cervical mucus that disappeared for more than
13 years have re-appeared again with the help of that treatment which you recommended for me.
I will ever be grateful to you, You have done what no any Doctor could do for me, for more than 13 years. You have given me hope of conceiving once again.
God's blessings will ever be with you.







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Consultation can be booked to suit your work or job conveniently at the platform of your choice, as distance is NOT a barrier.

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Dr. Gilbert Nnaji

Medical Doctor and Certified Fertility Therapist (UK)


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