How I Saved My Marriage and Rekindled My Love With My Wife


52-year old Rufus, a branch manager in one of the New Generation banks, started experiencing lack of interest, weakness and tiredness in fun-making with wife, especially when it’s time to go to bed and perform his marriage responsibilities.

Most times, he struggles for several hours to get his thing up to perform as wife lies in bed waiting and ready to satisfy him.

The worst part is that when he eventually succeeds in raising his manhood up, in less than 5 minutes it will suddenly become soft and flaccid, leaving the wife unsatisfied and totally stranded.

Rufus has tried to ignore this problem, but each time his wife keeps reminding him of this problem and how it could be contributing to their fruitless marriage.

According to Experts in Male Fertility & Sexual Medicine, “lack of erection in men causes male infertility because it interrupts or prevents intercourse”, and this problem has been known to affect 60% of men in Nigeria.

Rufus decided to see a Doctor, and was prescribed some enhancement drugs to help him perform and satisfy his wife. This worked only after a short time, which he later stopped due to the harmful side-effects.

He tried a natural treatment which was recommended to him by another Doctor and ever since he has been able to maintain strong erection and can go for many rounds, without feeling tired or develop soft erection.


Here Are Reasons Why Having This Condition is Harmful To Men And in Marriages:

1.  It has been known to cause relationship and marriage problems, leading to many divorces and infidelity between partners.

2.  It can lead to childlessness, as this problem interrupts intercourse which is necessary for conception and childbearing.

3.  It leads to unsatisfactory love life, unfulfilled and unhappy marriages; causes depression by making the man loss self-confidence at home and even at workplace.

4.  It can humiliate and lower a man’s self-esteem, making him to suddenly lose interest in sex, so to avoid embarrassment.

As a medical doctor and reproductive health expert, I have helped a lot of men and couples overcome Erectile Dysfunction (weak erection) and I can tell you what perfectly works.

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