How My Marriage Almost Ended Due to My Husband’s Lifeless Manhood


I am Mariam, a secondary school teacher based in Kaduna and I have a very serious issue which has been happening and is threatening to end my marriage.

I married my husband, Yusuf 4 years ago and I was looking forward to a blissful marriage which I believe sex has an important role to play.

Early in our marriage, after the day’s work I would expect my husband to initiate sex while I was prepared to satisfy him.

However, to my chagrin, he would get into bed and sleep off or pretend to be asleep.

In the beginning, I was reserved and couldn’t demand for it, but after starving me for long, I summoned courage and discussed the matter with him.

His initial excuse was that his job was too demanding and always left him exhausted.

The first time I had s3x with my husband, he was shaking and sweating like saw a ghost. I realized that he was already through with it before we started anything at all.

The experience was awful and I was left unsatisfied and this has been the pattern the few times we had s3x in our 4 years of marriage.

I knew there was a problem but he was not ready to discuss it. I need not to be told that my husband is impotent, and this has partly contributed to our childless union.

In my quiet time, I cry severally why this has befallen me, and so I began to consider leaving my husband for another man who can satisfy me and make me happy.

As things turned out, I decided to share my experience with a good friend of mine, Zainab and to my amazement she narrated to me how she has suffered similar problem with her husband in her own marriage, for more 6 years, until she discovered a Secret recommended by an expert that her husband used, and it successfully ended his Erectile Dysfunction problem and enabled him to perform well, lasting for several rounds.

Would you like to discover this Zainab’s secret, which I have equally tested with my husband and it did wonders, and successfully cured my husband’s Erectile Dysfunction problem?

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