The Real Causes of Erectile Dysfunction in Men


Erectile dysfunction is a common sexual health problem that affects men from the age of 40 to 72 year, and also can seriously affect the quality of a man’s sex life with his partner.

Recent findings have shown that ED rates have increased during the last 2 – 3 decades especially among younger men, and according to one study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, one out of every 4 male patients below the age of 40 years suffers from Erectile Dysfunction.

Generally, there are certain health issues and factors that can lead to erectile dysfunction in men, which will help determine the best treatment option for solving the problem of ED, according to age.

The following are the health issues responsible for causing ED in men:

  1. Vascular Health Issues:

Having vascular health issues is commonly responsible for ED especially in older men between 40 years, which is often due to high blood pressure; high cholesterol level, high blood sugar (DM), high triglyceride etc. and these could all lead to insufficient blood reaching the penis tissue to bring about erection.

  1. Neurological Health Issues:

This problem can also result to erectile dysfunction and affects men of all ages. For instance, when there’s any damage or an injury involving the nerves that supply or send sending stimulatory impulses from the brain to the penis, ED will subsequently result, examples of injuries that can result to ED are: spinal cord injury, stroke and pelvic injuries etc.

  1. Psychogenic Issues/Stress:

Ideally, the act of sex begins from the mind before the penis would respond as a result mental/visual stimulation. Hence, poor performance in some men sometimes happens due to certain mental distractions such as: stress, depression; fear of not performing well in bed commonly referred to as “performance anxiety” and this habitual pattern can severely hinder you from having and sustaining an erection.


  1. Low Testosterone Hormone:

The testosterone is a male hormone (chemical messenger) that is responsible for initiating sexual appetite and also helps to produce male sperm cells. This very hormone is what makes a man a man, and without it a man won’t be able to have any erection or even father a child.

A lot of things can hinder this important hormone from being produced in the body, one of such is through eating of “chemical-laden” processed meals which can cause hormonal imbalance and deplete the hormone.

In order to have and sustain an erection, the male testosterone must adequately be produced and secreted by the body otherwise having an erection will be difficult. This is often the reason why men need to check their testosterone level if they have been having the problem of Erectile dysfunction.

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