5 Effective Ways For Having A Regular Ovulation


Having a regular ovulation is very important for female fertility and conception, every female partner trying to conceive must be very familiar with her ovulation cycle (fertility window period), for a fast conception.

What is Ovulation?

Ovulation is the release of a fully mature egg (or ovum) from the ovary of a healthy and fertile female couple; which happens when the Graafian follicle of a reproductive functional woman ruptures and releases her egg into the fallopian tubes, for the male sperm to fertilize.

As a woman, to achieve pregnancy there is a need for you to understand the biology and dynamics of your body, especially the basics of your reproductive health system which will in so many ways be useful and help to short-circuit your period of trying to conceive, and thus increase your chances of conception.

Ways to Promote a Regular Ovulation?

1. Manage Stress:

For a couple trying to conceive getting stress out your life should be your primary motive because stress-induced infertility is difficult to even diagnose medically.

Stress creates hormonal imbalance; inhibits your reproductive hormones from performing its usual routine tasks thereby preventing you from ovulating cyclically and denying you the full rights of motherhood.

2. Organic & Whole Foods:

From research, it’s been found that eating fertility foods are one of the most supportive ways to boost a regular ovulation. Foods that will help boost your ovarian health should be rich in vitamin D, B12, B6, Iron and Essential fatty acids.

And you can obtain them from the following food sources listed below:

• Green vegetables
• Fruits
• Whole grain
• Moderate amount of lean meats
• Seafoods
• Nuts etc
• Seeds and healthy fats etc.

3. Fertility Exercise & Massage:

Exercise also supports fertility and ovulation, such exercises that you should be familiar with are yoga, fertility massage; aerobic exercises, to perform for at least 30 minutes duration three times a week.

Note also that exercise also helps to optimize your Body Mass Index (total body fat) if you are on the weighty side and also physiologically increasing the sensitivity of your body cells to insulin hormone absorption and metabolism of energy.

On the other hand, fertility massage as an example of exercise is a very effective exercise therapy and has been shown to offer tremendous results in unblocking obstructed Fallopian tubes and shrinking tumours in the pelvic organs of a woman.

4. Take Herbal Supplements:

Herbal therapy has consistently shown effectiveness and reliance in restoring fertility and curing a lot of fertility-related issues in men and women seeking for the fruit of the womb.

For instance, for a woman with a Hormonal Imbalance and High Prolactin (breast milk discharge) condition, herbal therapy will support her ovarian health by first restoring hormonal balances and hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis function, by so doing creating spontaneity and balance in the process.

Testimonials from the herbal therapies have been amazing in this regard and should be considered as part of your overall ovarian health supportive therapy if you are having problem with ovulation.

Herbal Supplements Found to be Effective in Promoting a Regular Ovulation:

• Maca: Helps to reverse hormonal imbalance; improve ovulation system and even increases stamina.

• Saw Palmetto: Helps to stimulate ovulation in women with ovarian cysts and restores hormonal balance.

• Dong Quai: Is rich in Iron and helps to increase blood circulation to the uterus; toning the womb and also helps to regulate reproductive hormones.

5. Acupuncture therapy:

Acupuncture is a form of ancient Chinese medicine therapy used many centuries ago for healing the body from myriads of fertility-related conditions and also for achieving overall wellness.

It is a holistic health approach that works by the insertion of sterile thin needles into certain locations in the body called the Meridian channels and by stimulating these locations in the body it is believed this brings therapeutic benefits to the body, and restores hormonal balances in people suffering from lack of ovulation and infertility, thereby helping to promote a regular ovulation.

In conclusion, if you are already above the age of 35 years and still trying to conceive, then the recommended thing for you to do right now is improve your egg quality using natural treatments.

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